The perfect answer

At livepro we’re passionate about helping you provide your customers with the perfect answer.

Customer Experience Knowledge Management

Designed to take you direct to the answer, not just a document.

Happy Customers

Speedy, consistent and accurate answers are the difference between a satisfied and a dissatisfied customer.

Reduce Cost

Simplify complex processes, eliminate errors, reduce handling times, transfers, and training.

Confident Team

Always up to date and learning, your team can confidently respond to any customer query.

Easy to use

Our customers rave about how simple it was to implement and how soon they saw the benefits.

“It’s a really intuitive system and has absolutely made our lives easier!”

Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank

Simple to implement

Most customers are ready to launch in less than 4 weeks.


We work with you to understand your goals and help deliver those outcomes.


Within 3 days you will have your plan, your system configured and you will be building content.


We share best practice strategies and techniques for engagement and change management.


Our customers see benefits straight away.

Built by customer service people for customer service people

livepro is the perfect answer for you and your team, no matter how big or how small.

Make your customers your greatest fans.
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