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1. Being on hold for too long. 2. Being transferred from agent to agent. 3. Speaking to an agent who has a zero care factor. 4. Not getting the answer they need quickly. 5. Speaking to a machine or an agent who sounds like a robot. 6. When they’re frustrated with answering the same question [...]
Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) suffers every time you need to handover a call to another operator, or when the customer senses the agent they are talking to isn’t confident with the answer they provide. As a Contact Centre Manager you know many of your problems would be solved if only you had a team [...]
As a CEO of a large organisation I knew the work procedures we were using weren’t the most efficient.  We had a really strong culture of following our mature set of procedures. What we didn’t have was a culture of enhancing those procedures.  As a leader you know that if it isn’t improving, it must [...]
Why is it important for local government bodies to invest in delivering great customer service? When I look at customer service I consider three components: our people, our customers, and our business. The key to delivering excellent service is my staff.  If my staff are well trained, passionate about what they do and have the [...]
We now have the technological means and Knowledge Management Solutions to allow Customer Service staff and contact centres as a whole to work from home. It might sound like a bold idea, but hear it out. The emergence of cloud based telephony systems means we can serve customer enquiries directly to a Customer Service Rep’s [...]
Albert Einstein said: Never memorise something you can look up. If Einstein was kind enough to share this insight with us why haven’t we listened? So much staff training time, particularly in the induction phase is spent on Product and Process Knowledge – leaving little time to spend on the important softer skills training we [...]
Document Management Systems are designed to store your documents in one central location for staff to access. Invariably these documents are lengthy and written for procedural purposes. This isn’t conducive to finding an answer quickly, while a customer is waiting. Many studies have shown that customer satisfaction and retention deteriorates quickly as they are made to [...]
Datacom Australia and Datacom New Zealand became the latest additions to the livepro community this month. Kirsty Hunter, Managing Director at Datacom Connect, and livepro CEO, Brad Shaw, put the finishing touches to an agreement that will see Datacom contact centre staff delivering the perfect answer to all of their enquiries using livepro. “We’re really [...]