Can Customer Service staff work from home?

We now have the technological means to allow Customer Service staff to work from home.

It might sound like a bold idea, but hear it out.

The emergence of cloud based telephony systems means we can serve customer enquiries directly to a Customer Service Rep’s (CSR) phone. We have a litany of measurement tools so we can observe the productivity levels of individual team members. We even have sophisticated service measurement tools to ensure the customers are being served in a best practice manner.

So why aren’t we seeing progressive organisations offering work-from-home customer service roles?

Is it because we’re worried we can’t keep staff informed with the most current product information, latest company announcements or any process changes via email?

The solution is a cloud based customer service knowledge management system. A good system can allow CSRs to work from home by:

Giving them the most current information at “conversational speed” so the client is not even aware they are looking up the answer.
Providing the latest announcements, keeping them up to date and informed. You can even send them a questionnaire so you can be certain they understood the information.
Letting them provide feedback to the author of a document to check if the information is up to date and suggestions for improvement.

In most cases, quality CSKM systems will almost eliminate the need for the CSR to come to the office for Product Training because the information is authored in such a simple way for the reader to understand.

Not only does this save thousands of dollars in training per CSR per year, it also reduces stress over the job because there is little anxiety about finding the answer to the next customer’s question.

Do you think this is a bold idea, or the direction we should be heading?

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