A saving of $500,000 annually on staff training

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The Challenge

OnePath, formerly known as ING Australia and a current subsidiary of ANZ, is a financial services firm providing wealth management advice to Australians. The company’s back office admin teams collaborated across multiple location, processing a high volume of evolving information and constantly changing transaction processes.

The Objectives

The overarching goal was to reduce the new staff training time. In addition, OnePath set the following objectives:

  1. Centralise training guides and procedural documents
  2. Update workflow documentation to increase agility
  3. Standardise knowledge authoring format and minimal IT involvement

“The livepro team have supported us through the implementation and are regularly guiding us through growth phases”

‐ Michael Larsen, Senior Project Manager at OnePath.

The Outcome

Thanks to a livepro implementation, OnePath was able to:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  2. Reduce training time by 90% – from six weeks to three days
  3. Continuous improvement of the system thanks to continuing consultations with livepro and solicited employee input
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