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Your team will love using livepro

Simple navigation & search

Information at your fingertips to answer any question.

Rocket & process guidance

Simple decisions and easy to follow processes.

Engage your team

Informed, up to date and learning all in one place.

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Find answers fast

livepro is so easy to use, your team will love it, find answers quickly and easily and link to other relevant FAQs, forms and process guides.

Rocket & Process Guidance

Rocket points you in the right direction cutting through complexity and our easy to follow process guides ensure consistent accurate processing, every time.

“In a few weeks, with little investment, livepro was implemented and delivering on its promise”

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Delight your customers with simple, easy to understand Answers

Fast Web-Answers

livepro easily connects to the search box on your Organisation’s website, allowing your customers to search for the answers to their questions straight from your Knowledge Base with ease.
No more digging through hard to understand documents for your customers. Just answers.

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Announcement & Feedback

Targeted, timely communication that keeps your team engaged and up to date, fully reportable too. Feedback gives them a great way to get involved in Continuous Improvement.


Engage your team with Quiz, it’s a great way to test and build their knowledge, enabling them to learn on the job.

Managing your knowledge is simple


Control who contributes, approves and publishes your knowledge.

Version Control

A full history of your knowledge, who, when and what was changed.

Regular Review

Flag your knowledge for periodic review, keeping it up to date.


Analytics to help you understand knowledge utilisation, team and customer behaviours.

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