How livepro makes your day

Making it easy to manage your knowledge.

Cloud Based

Secure, reliable and scalable, our cloud hosting architecture offers state of the art infrastructure, continuous deployment, 24 hour monitoring and regular back-ups.

That means that livepro is always available from any internet enabled device whenever & wherever you need it, making Business Continuity Management easier too.

Flexible Knowledge Taxonomy

Knowledge can be published in multiple locations for different audiences and our permissions management means that information is accessed only by the correct people

Authoring Workflow

Decentralise your authoring to capture knowledge from any area of the business, our workflow system controls who, what and where your authors can contribute knowledge, who approves and publishes it.

Version Control

A full history of your knowledge, who, when and what was changed. Reinstate previous version in minutes.

Periodic Knowledge Review

Flag your content for a regular periodic review, making it easy for you to keep in control and your content is always up to date.

Scheduled Publication

Time and date publication, prepare and have knowledge approved and ready to publish in advance, at the set time it becomes available to your teams.

Role Based Permissions

Create and manage a single role for multiple users, make changes to the role, not individual users


Analytics to help you understand knowledge utilisation, team and customer behaviours.