Answers on your website

Make it easy for your customers to find their own answers

Delight your customers with simple, easy to understand Answers

Fast Web-Answers

livepro easily connects to the search box on your Organisation’s website, allowing your customers to search for the answers to their questions straight from your Knowledge Base with ease.
No more digging through hard to understand documents for your customers. Just answers.




Benefits of integrating self-serve with your website:

How does it work?

  • livepro’s API allows you to link your website’s search box to your livepro database
  • Your customers answer their own enquiries with the exact same information that they’d receive over the phone
  • livepro’s permissions feature ensures that you stay in full control of your knowledge
  • You choose which knowledge is served to your website and what remains for internal use only
  • Keep track of the knowledge your customers are accessing most through livepro reports
  • With livepro reports you now know what knowledge is being accessed from the front counter, over the phone and via your website providing you will a full understanding of the current hot topics
  • Set up livepro to dynamically change your FAQs to provide the answers your customers are asking for NOW