Guest Post: Paul Daly from Townsville City Council

Why is it important for local government bodies to invest in delivering great customer service?

When I look at customer service I consider three components: our people, our customers, and our business.

The key to delivering excellent service is my staff.  If my staff are well trained, passionate about what they do and have the right information available, service excellence is easy to deliver which ultimately equals happy customers.
Our customers need to need to trust us to assist in the running of their community. They need to feel comfortable in the knowledge that council provides excellent service at a great price and are easy to do business with.
The private sector can offer a multitude of services that council does, this offers the customer choice. With an increased strain on local council budgets, great service is a necessity to ensure we remain competitive within the market place.

What were some of the customer related challenges facing the Council over the past few years and what did you do to address these?

One of the biggest service gaps we faced was reliable information and service turnaround times.

Information and processes change on a daily basis and it can be difficult for service staff to keep across these changes and rely this information on to our customers.  Poor information equals poor communication and often results in inefficiencies requiring rework or an increase in customer complaints.

Through the introduction of livepro into our business and considerable stakeholder engagement, we were able to communicate with all of our service reps instantaneously and provide a consistent message to both them and our customers.

How have you responded to customer feedback by improving your service offering?

Customer expectation for provision of services to an expected standard changes almost daily.  Data has been captured from customers through complaint management, satisfaction surveys and general feedback to our service staff.  This information has been used by our information specialist to review information and processes on livepro to keep our service reps one step ahead of customer demand.

This has additionally seen an increase in stakeholder customer satisfaction as we are providing the right advice to customers which makes their service delivery easier when addressing raised work requests.

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