Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) suffers every time you need to handover a call to another operator, or when the customer senses the agent they are talking to isn’t confident with the answer they provide.

As a Contact Centre Manager you know many of your problems would be solved if only you had a team of seasoned Customer Service agents who have been with you for so long that they know the answer to almost all questions.

You’d be able to get everything done with less people, your time spent training/inducting would be reduced, call backs would be significantly reduced and your boss would be ecstatic with the improvement in NPS as a result of your improved First Call Resolution and Average Handling Time.

So how can we achieve this? With a purpose-built Customer Service Knowledge Management System (CSKM).

A CSKM empowers the agent to search for the right answer and have it delivered in a format which enables them to provide the answer to the client in conversational speeds and plain English.

Agents using a CSKM system have reported feeling much more confident answering the client’s questions (which you know results in a much more confident and happy client). They also had a significant reduction in handovers, improved consistency of messaging and improved the context of their answers so clients didn’t need to call back later.

Think about it: no need to train the staff on technical issues, no need for clients to be put on hold, reduced touch points and a killer NPR…Can you ask for anything more than that?

What are you doing to improve first call resolution?