livepro CX Knowledge Management Awards 2019

Our 2019 forums are done and dusted. We can finally reveal this year’s livepro, Customer Service Knowledge Management Awards winners. We are always blown away by the creativity our clients use to achieve fantastic results for their organisations. This year was no different.

Best Knowledge Object Outcome

This award recognises organisations who have used livepro to solve a business problem with creativity and by ‘thinking outside the box’. We were looking for examples of clients who were showing innovation in their content and as a result,  achieving great results for their organisations.

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Knowledge Management Specialist: Daniel O’Callaghan

A pilot was conducted in late 2018 with 30 call centre staff and 5 Customer Care (Back Office) staff where one work instruction “Dispute a Toll Invoice” was split into 28 work instructions and 12 business process procedures. Whilst the document was developed to support agents in handling Disputes, it lead to an Average AHT reduction of 19 sec for general Toll Invoice calls, and an AHT reduction of 74 seconds for Dispute calls.
Splitting down to ONE work instruction meant less clicks as agents could navigate straight to the content they desired.

Congratulations Daniel, this was a great outcome for the Transurban team.

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Best Knowledge Management Rollout

livepro likes to encourage organisations to optimise team engagement on the day the system is launched.  The livepro team shares best practice Staff Engagement techniques but we are always knocked out by the creative ideas some of our new clients use and we want to recognise the teams who have gone above and beyond in and achieved remarkable staff engagement and early adoption results with livepro during the roll out phase of the project.​

Related imageProject Manager: Damien Robinson 

Blue Mountains City Council used a multi-pronged approach to their launch to drive maximum engagement from the team. To ensure that their livepro site was off to the best possible start, Quality Assurance officers sought to QA over 1700 items prior to launch. A myriad of engagement activities were also implemented to drive and sustain interest in the roll out.

Since the launch, BMCC has achieved a number of fantastic results for the call centre. Some examples of this include:

  1. a) Time to find the information went from 10 secs to 5 secs (50% reduction)
  2. b) Time to read the information went from 15 secs to 9 secs (40% reduction)
  3. c) Time to deliver the information went from 25 secs to 14 secs (54% reduction).
    This 11 second improvement average per customer interaction reduction amounts to over 50 minutes when multiplied over the course of an average day of 290 calls. Over a week, this equals nearly 5 hours over a week which can now be deployed on other projects.

Click here to view Blue Mountains City Council’s case study.


Best Knowledge Management Results

The Best Knowledge Management Results award recognises an organisation’s efforts in rolling out and achieving their knowledge management goals as demonstrated through the results they’ve achieved over the term of their KM project.

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Knowledge Manager: Stacey Quick

Silver chain handles upwards of 4000 enquiries on any given day. Since their implementation of livepro they have achieved decreased staff training – 14 days has now been reduced to 10. Another large decrease they have also experienced was the reduction of errors. In August 2018 535 errors were recorded, compared to  April 2019, only 107 errors were recorded.

Another major result they have achieved was increased staff engagement –  Since implementation we are now averaging 80 feedback items per month from customer service staff alone or 120 feedback items including support team. Pre-livepro, we received an average of 10 feedback items per month from staff and had difficulty in tracking these. That is a 700% increase!

Click here to view case studies of other companies who have achieved similar results.

We are blown away by the creativity our clients use to achieve fantastic results for their organisations using livepro. A huge congratulations to our winners! We look forward to hosting next year’s 5th annual CX Knowledge Management Awards.

If you would like to know how your company can achieve these results, get in touch with Les at, otherwise learn more at livepro.

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