livepro Open Access

Now everyone in your organisation can access livepro

Access to answers for the whole organisation

You can now provide the same information your contact centre uses every day, to everyone else in your organisation with livepro’s new solution – Open Access. Delivered from the exact same knowledge base and displayed via an easy to access webpage, all of your organisations most accessed sites, articles and resources are made available with no need to login, and no need for IT.

“This is something that our wider organisation has been begging to use for a long time!”

Insurance Company

Consistent, up to date information for the whole organisation

No login required

With livepro Open Access – every single person organisation wide has access to livepro answers without the need for a login

Always Current

Just like livepro, Open Access is always up to date thanks to Feedback and Workflow

No need for IT

Our new Open Access solution is completely hosted by livepro – so no need to involve  your IT department

Why use livepro Open Access?

Quick and Consistent Answers

Push information from the same knowledge base directly to a quick and easy to access webpage.

Only pay for what you use

There is no need for named user licensing for users outside the contact centre.

One home for everything

A simple homepage that holds all of your internal information in one easy to access place.

Flexible Licensing

Get in touch for a quick quote for connecting your existing livepro knowledge base to Open Access