We’re always working behind the scenes on building new features and improving our existing ones. In this blog post, you can learn about all of the updates that livepro are implementing in our latest release – 4.09.


Flowcharts are the newest addition to livepro’s Work Instructions feature. They are a new way of viewing your Work Instructions and provide a concise visual representation of all the steps in a process.

Flowcharts are great for both Users and Authors. They make authoring Work Instructions much easier as Authors can now map out steps and add content later. You can even create flowcharts for existing Work Instructions. Users can also skip through flowchart steps so they’re only seeing what’s relevant to them.


Cloning Work Instructions

Cloning now allows Authors to create a complete copy of a Work Instruction.

Cloning enables Authors to carry out large-scale edits to Work Instructions without impacting the current version that users are accessing.

* The is an optional feature – please let us know if you would like it switched on.


SEARCH: ‘Did you mean’

Minor spelling errors no longer need to be corrected and retyped thanks to the new ‘did you mean’ feature.

The ‘did you mean’ feature saves even more time when you have customers on the phone, as agents don’t need to find and fix typos before finding the perfect answer.


SEARCH: Clear button

The new clear button saves you time when entering a new search term – simply click to clear.

No more highlighting then deleting or backspacing every character until your search box is clear before you can enter a new search term.


SEARCH: Auto-complete

The new auto-complete feature gives you suggestions as you type.

This feature helps Agents find information quicker than ever. Top suggestions are made as a search term is entered, saving time in finding the right information while the customer is waiting.



livepro is now available in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Bahasa


Copy Permalink Button

You can now copy permalinks in livepro with one simple click!

No more copying links in 2 steps. With this new feature, your whole permalink is available to copy at once.



The Announcement Visibility Report has been updated to display when an Announcement is not applicable to a user.

Now, when running the Announcement Visibility Report you can see options including:

  • Read
  • Unread
  • Expired and
  • N/A

This provides a clear idea of who is and isn’t reading their Announcements.

Did you know?

The Announcement Visibility Report is date and time sensitive. When you run a report for a current Announcement, the report will show ‘unread’ if the user has not viewed it. If the Announcement is past its end and the user has not viewed it, the report will show ‘expired’.


Bug Fixes

Fixes of minor bugs to enhance user experience in livepro.