Document Management Systems are designed to store your documents in one central location for staff to access. Invariably these documents are lengthy and written for procedural purposes. This isn’t conducive to finding an answer quickly, while a customer is waiting.

Many studies have shown that customer satisfaction and retention deteriorates quickly as they are made to wait for an answer – not to mention what happens if they are given the wrong answer because the Customer Service rep didn’t find the right answer in the document.

What Customer Service Staff Need

Access to “answers” not documents to be able to deliver a great customer experience.
Information that can be delivered in short sharp packages at conversational speed.
Correct and up to date information
An easy to use and reliable search function that will take them to the answer they need.
Simple intuitive process guidance they can walk through while talking to their customers.

What Customer Service Managers Need

The ability to change and upload content immediately (without the need to engage IT).
Change user access on the fly as they adjust their workforce to the current demands.
To be sure their team are reading updates and referring to the most current information.
An easy feedback system to allow the team to have input into how the information can be better delivered to enhance the customer experience and encourage continuous improvement.
Check to see if their team are aware of and understand new products, process and procedural information.
A team that will be able to answer any enquiry confidently and accurately.
Reduce Average Handling times and increase Customer Satisfaction measures like NPS.
Reduce the time spent away from phones for training or team update huddles.

Can you make your Document Management Systems work in Customer Service Areas?

Your IT Department can make your Document Management System do most of these things with the right amount of time and resources. My experience is it will take over 12 months to get it working for you. Unfortunately, the Customer Service Manager then has to rely on the IT Department to make changes or enhancements as their needs evolve. This often results in frustration and ultimately a system that is not trusted, respected or utilised by the team.

What is really needed is a system designed specifically for Customer Service environments. The good systems address all of the needs listed above and are able to be used immediately.

To Sum Up

Look at Document Management systems as filing cabinets – really useful for storing and collating documents. Customer Service Knowledge Management platforms are the sentences and paragraphs within the documents that can get to specific answers quickly.

Has your Customer Service Department experienced any frustrations with a Document Management System?