Our top 10 questions answered!

livepro’s annual forums were held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth during August and September 2018 and we could not be more proud of how successful they were. Some great questions were asked during the Q & A portion of the day across all states so we’ve decided to round up our top ten picks and share them here. If you missed out on attending the forum or just want a recap on what we’ve been doing and some of the cool new things livepro has up its sleeve, read on!

1. Do you have any plans for reports in the future? It would be great to have a dashboard layout

Thanks for the question, it’s something our clients have been asking for and indeed with the next release, livepro will be launching a data API.  This API will offer our clients the ability to connect the valuable insights with the QuickSight solution through AWS Athena to start producing easy to manage and use Dashboards.  This reporting feature allows clients who already use a reporting tool such as PowerBi or Tableau to connect the feed into their existing dashboards.

2. Do you have plans to offer the option to delete (not just archive) people, files & knowledge objects?

At this stage, we do not have any plans to allow the deletion of content within livepro. We believe in keeping an ongoing audit trail of everything within livepro and we see archiving rather than deleting as a solution to this.


3. Is there a way to upload multiple users at one time? We often do bulk intakes of new staff and spend a lot of time creating new users

Yes, we do have a bulk upload function! We are still working on allowing submissions for bulk upload via the livepro front end but in the meantime, you can complete a bulk upload of users by simply filling out the bulk upload form which can be found on our help site and then emailing it to support@livepro.com.au

4. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

One horse sized duck!

5. Do you have any plans for online training courses?

As you saw at the forums, we’ve been doing a lot of work on building walk throughs to simplify training. This is just the first step in our long-term plan to continually evolve and develop our training to suit out client’s needs. One of the major areas we cover in our training workshops is best practice knowledge authoring – this is an area that will be challenging to fully migrate online so there is still some work to do.


6. Do you have a mobile responsive site?

Yes we do! To access it, you simply need to use the following URL: //[yoursitename].livepro.com.au/inline.


7. I often find out about new enhancements to livepro quite late in the game – are there any plans to better communicate new product updates to livepro users?

This is a great question and something that we can definitely improve on. There are plans in motion for us to begin releasing quarterly update newsletters so that everyone can stay in the loop. There will also be a new ‘product update’ category added to livepro communities shortly so that our clients can get up to speed on updates and enhancements at any time.


8. Do you have any plans to integrate with systems other than PureCloud?

Yes, we definitely plan to integrate with other telephony platforms and CRMs. We have a few integration projects in the pipeline which we’ll reveal when they near completion.

 9. What are some of the things you’re excited about that’s in development?

This is a hard question to answer… only because of the limited word count here! In the next few months you can expect improvements to reporting, new training tools, a revamped admin section and simplified roles and scopes just to name a few. We demonstrated a lot of these at our forums and were overwhelmed with the positive response we received so we can’t wait to be rolling them out. For those who couldn’t attend, we’ve got an upcoming post detailing all the cool new features and enhancements that we have in store – make sure you keep an eye out.


10. Do you have any plans to build a video player in livepro?

Users can currently embed videos into their livepro pages, however the video needs to be privately stored on an external video hosting company (e.g. Vimeo, Youtube etc). Given that this system works quite well as is, we haven’t prioritised building an internal video player just yet as we’re more focused on bringing you other features we think you’ll love. For help on embedding videos, please refer to our help site.

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