Why you need to speed up your customer service!

One of livepro’s mantras has always been, “it’s about the speed to answer.” So we weren’t surprised to hear that a recent report found that speed was the most important factor in having an excellent customer service experience. More than 18,000 respondents across nine countries took part in the survey, conducted in July and August [...]

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Council Amalgamations – achieving customer service success

Evidence suggests that amalgamations which are poorly planned and managed result in disaffected communities and negative outcomes. However, amalgamation can be successful if the merging entities commence early collaboration to review, document and map processes and policies for the new Council. Key to amalgamation success is providing ongoing high level customer service which is seamless [...]

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Top 4 emerging Customer Service trends

Just like everything else in our life, technology is having a huge impact on customer service. The foundation of great customer service isn’t changing. We still need to give customers the answer they need, quickly and accurately. The challenge we face now is the expectation the answers will be available whenever they want it and [...]

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You don’t need voice analytics – just the right answer

I just finished reading the top five things Customer Experience executives see as the most important to focus on in the next couple of years. Quite frankly, I disagree. Rather than focusing on buzzwords and trends, they need to remain focused on understanding that 75% of customer satisfaction comes from getting the right answer quickly [...]

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Why we disagree with Seth Godin about staff training

We are devout followers of Seth Godin, who regularly posts brilliant blogs, and read his blog religiously. (//sethgodin.typepad.com/ in case you’d like to follow him yourself – recommended!) In his latest blog post, titled ‘Training and the infinite return on investment’ there were some key points about not underestimating the value of training staff. We [...]

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Why we love our User Forums

Last week, livepro hosted our second User Knowledge Forum for the year. We had a large number of our Melbourne customers in the room, including Jetstar, UniSuper, Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank, and  even our very first customer - PowerCor! Our team were blown away by the collaboration in the room and the feedback they were [...]

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Ten things customers hate about call centres

1. Being on hold for too long. 2. Being transferred from agent to agent. 3. Speaking to an agent who has a zero care factor. 4. Not getting the answer they need quickly. 5. Speaking to a machine or an agent who sounds like a robot. 6. When they're frustrated with answering the same question [...]

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Improving NPS through First Call Resolution

Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) suffers every time you need to handover a call to another operator, or when the customer senses the agent they are talking to isn’t confident with the answer they provide. As a Contact Centre Manager you know many of your problems would be solved if only you had a team [...]

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The simple reasons Document Management systems don’t work well in Customer Service environments

Document Management Systems are designed to store your documents in one central location for staff to access. Invariably these documents are lengthy and written for procedural purposes. This isn’t conducive to finding an answer quickly, while a customer is waiting. Many studies have shown that customer satisfaction and retention deteriorates quickly as they are made to [...]

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