What’s new in livepro: Release 4.10

New in: Reporting

Three new reports give you more insight than ever before.

The Action History Report provides you with action history data. This is based on content authors’ activity within a specified date range.

This new report will give you the following information:

  • Creation date & time
  • Action description
  • Username
  • The knowledge object title

i.e. The Action History Report tells you when an author has edited a Knowledge Object or an administrator has edited a role.

Please note: This does not include any read activity performed by any users.

The Nil Access Report shows the number of knowledge objects and their respective categories that have not been accessed for the date range selected. This new report helps you to pinpoint knowledge that may no longer be relevant or knowledge that needs updating or archiving.

Review your documents easily with the new Knowledge Maintenance Report. Administrators or livepro authors can now run a report to find:

  • The name of the knowledge object in question
  • Version number
  • Name of the author who created or made the changes to the knowledge object
  • Date of creation or edit
  • Future publish date
  • Current and previous state of the knowledge object (i.e. Pending to Published or Published to Archived)
  • Permalink

New in: Announcements

You asked, we delivered. Read about the new feature for your livepro Announcements.

In release 4.10 we have introduced Announcement notifications.

Announcement notifications will ensure engagement with important announcements is at an all-time high.

New desktop notifications will pop up on screen for all agents whenever a new announcement is published, and they will remain on screen until the notification is clicked on which will automatically open the announcement for the agent and the announcement is read. *

* IMPORTANT: In order for these notifications to remain on screen until the agent clicks and reads the new announcement, there are certain steps that are required from your end to enable your browser to grant permission and ensure they’re successfully installed. So if this is a feature that you would like to utilise, please inform your agents to take the following steps.

No action is required. By default you will see notifications appear in the application.

When prompted with the below notification, select Block. 

When prompted with the below notification, select Never Allow. 

When prompted with the below notification, select No. 


Six big improvements that enhance your experience.

Currently, if a user attempts to access a knowledge object (via a permalink) in which they do not have permission to see, a ‘loading’ timer appears and the user is not informed that they do not have the necessary permissions to view the knowledge object that they are trying to access. In 4.10 this has been improved to deliver the following message to users in this instance:

“We are unable to load the selected record. This may be a permission issue”. livepro then redirects the user to the homepage.



Currently authors have no way of knowing the status of an image or resource before placing it into a knowledge object. In release 4.10 authors can now see whether resources are published, pending or archived before inserting them into knowledge, which ensures that everyone can see the resource that the author intends.

In release 4.10 the ‘start’ and ‘end’ content in Hubs are now searchable using the livepro search box. This means that users can now easily find hubs by using search terms that appear in their ‘start’ and ‘end’ content.

The feedback queue in release 4.10 will save you time. The new default setting for ‘All feedback’ automatically filters out any ‘Closed Accepted’ and ‘Closed Rejected’ items. This removes already actioned items from your list and helps you see what is ‘active’ and ‘pending’ – but don’t worry, you can still access ‘closed’ feedback if need be.

The listing report has been updated. For knowledge objects that have a review date or review period set, you can now filter knowledge objects by:

  • Past Due
  • To be reviewed in 14 days
  • To be reviewed in 30 days
  • To be reviewed in 60 days
  • To be reviewed in 90 days

The ‘View Feedback’ button is now available on every knowledge object (except when feedback has been disabled for that knowledge object). This allows all users to see if feedback has already been submitted on a knowledge object before submitting their own. This improvement in 4.10 helps to avoid duplicated feedback and minimises the need for authors to respond to the same comment from multiple individual users.

Bug Fixes

We are always working hard behind the scenes to fix bugs and iron out issues that arise. Here are the top 5 bug fixes in release 4.10.

Currently when an image is uploaded onto a link within a hub it saves as expected, but when trying to remove this image to revert back to the default icon, a bug prevents this from happening and the image is not cleared. In release 4.10 this bug has been fixed and will now work as expected.

Currently when creating a hub, an attempt to add two links to the same knowledge object saves as expected, but when editing the hub again one of the two links disappears. In release 4.10 this bug has been resolved.

Currently once a flowchart has been saved, any changes made to the work instruction after the fact are not updated within the flowchart. The latest update will rectify this issue.

Currently, when trying to generate an exportable report of over 5000 knowledge objects in ‘Listing’ the function fails. In release 4.10 this issue has been rectified allowing reports to be generated and exported for Listings of up to 12,000 knowledge objects.

Currently when you attempt to add or delete multiple related links in a step of a work instruction, only the most recent related link will be affected.  In release 4.10 adding and deleting related links has been resolved and will work as expected.

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