What’s new in livepro: Release 4.11

New in: Look and Feel

A nip here, a tuck there. livepro has been given a fresh facelift.

We have improved the look of livepro. This includes:

  • New Colour Scheme
  • Updated Icons
  • In-App Help Access
  • Animated Category Change
  • Modernised Fonts
  • Overall Up-to-Date look and feel



New in: Features

We love new features and the best ones come from you. You’ve asked, we’ve delivered.

The option to move multiple knowledge objects from within a subcategory to another is now available. This function is available to all administrators within livepro.

New in: Improvements

9 improvements that will make using livepro even better.

Password notifications will now appear once a user or admin has updated their password in livepro.
This will remove the need to tick this selection each time a report is generated so it shows only the active users in livepro.
When knowledge object is searched for by a user, they can now see which category the knowledge object is located in. The category path will be listed under the date time and version number of the Knowledge Object and acts as a breadcrumb trail to get the user back to where they came from.
Previously, to see what feedback a user had provided the author or admin had to click on the feedback. In the new update, the author is only required to hover their cursor on top of the feedback and they will be able to read what the user has submitted.
This will allow authors and admin to quickly see which existing feedback has been assigned to another author to action without the need to go into the feedback to check.
‘Search Term’ and ‘No Search Results’ reports can now be filtered by User Groups, Manager and User.
When the cancel button is pressed, the author/admin is prompted before losing all changed data. Previously when the cancel button was clicked while a knowledge object was being worked on, content would be lost without any prompts. Now the author is prompted to ensure they do wish to cancel on the knowledge object they are currently working on.
We have introduced an extra filter under Feedback called ‘All Active Feedback’ to show only the open and unassigned feedback. Previously, closed feedback was included in the list of results and it was difficult to locate the new feedback.
The Nil Access Report now has the option to include different statuses in the report. The option to generate a report to exclude archived knowledge objects can now be created.

New in: Bug fixes

Bugs. They’re annoying, they’re small, and we hate them as much as you do…so we’ve gathered a handful and squashed them. Read about our top 7 Bug Fixes in livepro 4.11.
Manager names are now showing correctly in the Announcement Visibility Report and Daily Login Report.
Previously the links within a Hub were intermittently not showing in numerical order. Now upon each save, the links will be saved in numerical order.
Previously when clicking on the first name and last name column, no changes happened to the list of users showing. This has been fixed and People are now sortable alphabetically by their names.
Previously when a question had multiple correct answers, and only 1 correct answer is selected the question was deemed correct. We have now modified this so that all correct answers need to be selected in order for the question to be marked as correct.
In Feedback the columns, title, submitted by and status columns are now sortable. Previously when clicking on these columns, no action was performed to the list of results.
Review date column in the listing report will now show the review date/period.
The view feedback button was previously unavailable from within a Work Instruction. Users can now see what other feedback has been provided before they submit their own feedback for a Work Instruction.

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