Why are we still spending so much time training Customer Service staff to memorise information?

Albert Einstein said: Never memorise something you can look up.

If Einstein was kind enough to share this insight with us why haven’t we listened?

So much staff training time, particularly in the induction phase is spent on Product and Process Knowledge – leaving little time to spend on the important softer skills training we all know we need to focus on.

I was speaking to an organisation the other day that boasted about the 8 week induction training program. We all know that people are not going to remember half of what they have been trained.

So why do we keep doing it?

Could it be that it’s always really difficult to find the information and we’re never sure if it’s outdated? Could it be because it’s been written by technical people and the audience can’t understand the lingo? Or is it just simply because we haven’t bothered questioning what we have always done?

As you would expect the internet has provided many solutions for finding publically available information. But the information overload means it can be hard to find what you need quickly. This is especially the case in business, and particularly customer service centres. If you have a customer at the end of a telephone line you don’t have the luxury of browsing – you need a solution that gives you the same correct answer as quickly as possible.

The solution?

Purpose built Customer Service Knowledge Management Systems are designed to give your staff the most current answer to the enquiry at conversational speed so the customer on the other end of the phone just assumed you knew the answer. No more going on hold, no more guessing, no more stress for the Customer Service Rep.

So if we currently have a proven much more reliable alternative to product and technical training for Customer Service Staff why aren’t we all using it?

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