We are devout followers of Seth Godin, who regularly posts brilliant blogs, and read his blog religiously.

(//sethgodin.typepad.com/ in case you’d like to follow him yourself – recommended!)

In his latest blog post, titled ‘Training and the infinite return on investment’ there were some key points about not underestimating the value of training staff. We often hear the same views about staff training; it costs too much money, it takes too long, what if the employee leaves?!

Seth points out that it’s commonplace for a business to spend about 10 or 20 hours training an employee. If you consider that person is going to work for your business for about 2,000 hours a year, that would equate to their training accounting for only 1% of their annual workload.

Seth goes on to say, “How much training would it take for this person to be 10% better at her job? If you invest 100 hours (!) it’ll pay for itself in just six months. There aren’t many investments an organization can make that double in value in a year.”

At livepro we agree that training is invaluable (as long it isn’t training staff to memorise product, process or policies). However, we know you can achieve the same results without spending infinite hours on training. A better outcome is an effective knowledge management system. If you have an effective knowledge management system you can dedicate your training to the soft skills required in customer service and sales.

livepro is a knowledge management system that helps businesses to provide improved service delivery and customer satisfaction. It gives staff the answers they need to be able to confidently liaise with customers, without the need for lengthy induction training or taking them away from the customer for updates and refreshers.

And you don’t have to worry if people leave because the investment and knowledge doesn’t leave with them! An entire business can leverage the knowledge housed in livepro, and it can become the central location for product and business information, policies and procedures.

While we’ve always prided ourselves on being innovative and ahead of the curve, we’re secretly a little bit chuffed to be ahead of even Seth Godin on this one!

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