I just finished reading the top five things Customer Experience executives see as the most important to focus on in the next couple of years. Quite frankly, I disagree.

Rather than focusing on buzzwords and trends, they need to remain focused on understanding that 75% of customer satisfaction comes from getting the right answer quickly and in the manner they want it.

I know it’s ‘sexy’ to go to a conference and talk about voice analytics, big data and personalisation strategies. But does your customer care about this? No. They just want the answer to their question.

I know that very few of these Customer Experience executives have been able to solve their Knowledge Management challenges. I know this because a lot of the time, I’m one of their customers. I get to experience, firsthand, the frustration of talking to someone who doesn’t have the answers to my simple questions.

So instead of working on how to get the knowledge fundamentals right the executives are at conferences to talk about the next big thing.

Have you sat on the end of the telephone or searched through inadequate FAQs lately and been ready to switch to a competitor? We’ve all read the statistics. We know that most of our customers would switch businesses if they knew they would get better service elsewhere.

So to all of the Customer Experience executives going to conferences to talk about voice analytics – your customers want you to stay in the office and get your CRM and Knowledge Management Systems working the way they should before removing your focus from them, and focusing on various trends.